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FrankenBenz Interior Carbon Fiber Trim

by - 5:12 PM

Here's what I have to endure for more than one week!!! The whole interior looks really ugly and not forgetting scary as all the wiring loom can be seen snaking all over the place... Before this, all my interior lighting were off except the meter (thankfully if not I really don't know how to drive at night!!!)... So I took this chance and send my car for checkup... The wireman found a short circuit and replaced the wire and now the interior is back to normal except my boost meter!!! Will need to recheck this when I'm free...

This is the looks on my interior right now... All wood parts had turned into carbon fiber instead!!! In my opinion, it looks so much nicer if compared to the original wood trim and also the carbon fiber sticker that I had some time ago...

Thinking of buying some epoxy and hardener for my carbon trim as I ran out of those and some of the part is still not perfect!!! I still need to sand it and reapply at least for one or two more times!!! But too bad I ran out of the epoxy and hardener and I need to live with imperfection now I guess... Anybody know what kind of epoxy and hardener suitable for carbon fiber??? Will those used on fiber kit works???  

To be continue...

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