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by - 4:47 PM

Recently I found one of the BEST photo editing software and is call 'pixlr-o-matic'!!! I may be outdated but is better late than never as I know this software has been introduce quite some time ago... What I really like about this software is the accessibility of it... I run this software from my 'iPad 2', 'Galaxy Nexus' and also my desktop computer!!! Three very different platform but with the same satisfying result!!!

As for photo editing tool, I believe 'pixlr-o-matic' is also one of the best out there!!! Lots of things and effect for you to edit and you know what, I stop using 'Photoshop' nowadays and my 'DSLR' is sleeping soundly in the drybox... Now I just use my 'Galaxy Nexus' to take pics and edit it using 'pixlr-o-matic' which is so much easier to do... Guess is time for me to pamper my 'DSLR'!!!

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