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I'm Going To Be A DAD!!!

by - 6:05 PM

Wooo hooo!!! I'm going to be a DAD!!! The moment my darling showed me this, I immediately took out my trusty 'DSLR' and give it a snapped!!! This will be one of my most precious pic yet...

Quite frankly, the moment I saw this, I'm really happy but I'm terrified as well!!! This is an uncharted territory for both of us... This will mark a new chapter in our life and we will go through this together... 

Speaking about chapter, what chapter are we in right now??? I believe we're in chapter five already!!! Chapter one will be the moment I lay my eyes on her (which is my darling obviously!!!)... Chapter two will be the moment we started dating and chapter three will be our 'ROM'... Chapter four is our wedding ceremony (why I separate it into two chapter here is because we held our wedding ceremony two years after our 'ROM') and now chapter five!!! Welcoming our first child!!! So I'm going to say it again... 

I'M GOING TO BE A DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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