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Dark Shadows

by - 5:30 PM

To be frank, there is nothing to shout about regarding this particular movie other than the cast itself... 'Johnny Depp' to be exact... I know a lot of people will flock to the cinema just because of him (especially the ladies!!!)... Actually I'm one of them as well but don't get me wrong as I'm straight!!! I didn't watched him because he's cute or handsome... I like 'Johnny Depp' because of his ability to portray any character given to him!!! So in another word, he's good!!! Anyone remember 'Edward Scissorhand' or 'alice In Wonderland'??? 

Another reason for me to watch this movie is because of another cast which is 'Chloe Grace Moretz'... I really like her a lot as I think she's good but sad to say, she didn't really have the potential to show herself in this very movie...  

Like I said earlier, there is nothing to shout about from this movie in terms of storyline goes... I don't know what 'Tim Burton' is trying to tell us from this movie...  Or maybe my antenna is not in the right frequency??? Nevertheless watch it if you're a BIG 'Depp' fans... Otherwise steer clear from it...

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