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Nah 'TM'!!!

by - 7:36 PM

At first I don't wish to post about this but they are really getting on my nerves now!!! 'Telekom Malaysia (TM)' you know you sucks BIG time in customer service??? Someone who knows somebody working in 'TM' please let them know about this blog post!!! Thanks...

I'm not going to talk about the connection issue... So far so good for me but sometimes there are some hiccups but I don't mind about that... I've been using 'Streamyx' for more than 10 years but this is the first time it really got me piss... 

So this is what happen... Around 2 years back, I've decided to change my 'Streamyx' plan and they don't let me upgrade the plan so I got no choice but to cancelled the previous one and reapplied a new account... Besides that, I've terminated my phone line and change to another new number as they told me that this will sped up the process... Filled up the 'Consumer Service Termination From' and got them chopped 'RECEIVED' on 4th of August 2010!!! You know what, till now they have not terminated the bloody account!!! 

I've received several letters and SMS telling me to pay up the outstanding which amounted to RM1,311.50!!! And the best part is, I've called them, went to their service centre another 2 times for termination but STILL they did not terminate the fucking account!!! The last time I went to the service centre, they told me that there are some technical problems and this time they will surely terminate the account and I don't have to pay anything (if they told me that I need to settle the outstanding, I swear to God that I'm going to break their fucking neck!!!)... 

Few months later, I received another letter telling me to pay up!!! Can you believe this!!! I've called them and they still have the guts telling me to go to the service centre to terminate it again!!! Bloody hell 'TM'... Can someone tells me what I need to do in order for them to terminate the account and stop this once and for all!!!

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