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The Day We Missed Our Flight!!!

by - 5:05 PM

I've never that thought this will ever happen to us... Never!!! I still remembered reading a blog post from famous blogger 'proudduck' and laughed at the incident where she and her friend actually missed their flight (http://www.proudduck.com/2011/12/curse-of-4th-floor/)... I was thinking to myself how they managed to miss it and how they felt about it??? 

Fast forward a few months later, I know the feeling... I do... It sucks BIG time... Actually it was not my fault nor my darling... It was my 'FrankenBenz'!!! We are flying to Singapore and our flight is the earliest... We left early and I'm very sure we will make it on time... Just when we were about to reach 'LCCT', 'FrakenBenz' decided to throw tantrum!!! It actually died just 500m shy from 'LCCT'!!! I tried starting it a few times to no avail!!! Nothing much I can do... So I asked my darling to go to the check-in counter first so that we can get our boarding pass...After a while, I managed to start 'FrankenBenz' and quickly drive it to the nearest car park... Called my darling to know her whereabouts an also the situation... I was told by my darling that the counter was close... 

Walked as fast as I could to meet up with her and planned our next step... This was our first time taking 'Tiger Airways' and we didn't know that they actually close their counter one hour before departure and the best part was, not a single soul was found at their counter... Besides, they didn't even have a service counter and we got nobody to talk to... At least 'Air Asia' is better where there are a lot of staffs working around at the counter...

No choice but to wait for the next flight and the penalty was RM125 per pax!!! Damn, wasted RM250 for nothing... But looking at the bright side, we actually board the same plane with three of our friends attending the 'R.O.M' in 'Singapore' as well... Being together with friends... PRICELESS and not forgetting we actually bumped into 'Dato Lee Chong Wei' and he was walking right beside me!!!


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