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Zagg By Logitech

by - 10:01 PM

Between physical and virtual keyboard, I will definitely choose the former as I like the feeling of typing on a real keyboard... And here's the problem when it comes to 'iPad' as it came with a virtual keyboard that lacks feel when typing on it...

But fret not as this problem can be solve easily... Introducing the 'Zagg' keyboard made by 'Logitech'... Before I got my 'iPad 2', I saw this keyboard from the Internet... After seeing the price tag, I decided to give up on it as it is expensive and not available in 'Malaysia' at the moment... Instead I got myself a normal casing to protect my 'iPad 2'...

Nowadays, 'Logitech' is trying to clear off this particular keyboard as they have a new model... And this is good news for me as the price is much more affordable as compare to before... I don't mind it being an old design as I still love its aluminum body and the construction looks really sturdy and solid... The downside of this keyboard compare to the new one is the bulk of it... Much more bulkier and harder to store the 'iPad'...

Those are small problems for me as the feeling of typing on a physical keyboard far outweights the cons of it... I'm really happy with my purchase and this is a highly recommended add on for those who type a lot on their 'iPad'... In fact, I type this entire blog post using it!!!

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