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My Most Expensive Parking!!!

by - 6:03 PM

Normally whenever we went travelling (which required us to fly), we would most probably get someone to fetch us or took a cab to the airport... This time round, we don't have anybody to drive us there so my darling suggested we drove there instead... The moment she told me that, I looked at her astonished!!! Then I gathered my composure and asked whether she's out of her mind... "Do you know how expensive it is to park at the airport"??? And her answer is a "yes"... So she started to explain saying that it is actually much cheaper compare to taking cab... After listening to her, it really does make sense to drive and park there...

Our flight to 'Singapore' is early in the morning and it required us to start our journey at around 5 something in the morning and I believe the cab fare would be around RM80 or more per trip!!! This in fact was much more expensive compared to our parking and I have not added in the trip back which will set us back another RM80 or more... So as a conclusion, if you're going on a short trip, it is wiser to drive and park at the airport... If you're travelling light and alone, then this is a different story as you can take other types of public transport that's much more cost effective...

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