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Valeo Brake Pad For Peugeot 308 Turbo

by - 10:16 PM

Is time to change the brake pad for my 'Peugeot 308 Turbo' again!!! Front brake pad can last only around 40,000++km and the rear pad can last up till around 80,000++km!!! This is the fastest wearing brake pad car that I've ever drove... Not forgetting the disc rotor!!! The front need replacement real soon...

This time round, I didn't opt to use back original brake pad from 'Peugeot'... Since the original one wears out easily, I decided to give some other brand a try and not forgetting saving some hard earned cash as well... 'Valeo' is one of the biggest OE manufacturer around so I presume that the quality is on par with the original one... 

After bedding in the brake pad, I'm amaze with the stopping power from the new 'Valeo' brake pad... The brake quality is actually on par with the original one and the best part is both front and back 'Valeo' brake pad cost less than the front original brake pad alone!!! Crazy right but is true... The only drawback is the spongy feel of the brake pedal... But this occur even when I use the original brake pad... The only thing I can do to eliminate this is change to steel braided hose... But let's just wait till the warranty period is over!!! 

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