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Lynas In Malaysia!!!

by - 6:34 PM

'Namewee' which rose to fame with the controversial music video 'Negarakuku' release a very good song (in my opinion) on the 'Lynas' issue... All 'Malaysian' should know about this issue and if you don't, SHAME ON YOU!!! I find this song very catchy and totally agree with him on the lyrics as well... I must give credit to 'Namewee' for having balls to trespass into 'Lynas' processing facility area!!! 

A lot of my friends and even relatives ask why 'Lynas' chose to setup the rare earth processing facility here in 'Malaysia'... My only answer to them is "You should ask why 'Malaysian' government allow 'Lynas' to operate here in 'Malaysia'"!!! Is very obvious that no other country in the world wants to be a part of this but why our government do??? This is the BIG question here... 

In terms of land size, 'Australia' is way bigger than 'Malaysia' which looks tiny in comparison... Besides that, the population in 'Australia' is in fact less than what we have in 'Malaysia'... So with more land and less people to expose the threat to, why don't 'Lynas' setup the processing facility in their own country???

In terms of business, it doesn't make any sense as well because they need to ship the rare earth to 'Malaysia' for processing and reship it back to 'Australia' once process... Why all the hassle??? Isn't it more convenient for them to follow their initial plan of mining the ore from 'Mt Weld' and sending them to 'Meenaar Industrial Park' for final processing which is around 800++km away from 'Mt Weld'... After processing, the radioactive waste will be transported back to 'Mt Weld' for burial and only around 1,500 people living within 35km radius of 'Mt Weld'!!! This was their initial plan...

There are around 700,000 people living within the 35km radius of the 'Gebeng' plant and the risk of human exposing to radioactive waste is 466 times more likely than in 'Australia'!!! Aren't we 'Malaysian' human as well??? I don't know why our government wanted 'Lynas' so badly but I for sure will not support this... This is our land and we have the right to voice out... But you know what is the best part??? Our government is actually giving 'Lynas' a whopping 12 years tax exemption!!! Talking about desperate...

Today is a very good day, very good die, very good day to die!!!

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