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New 50 Cents Trying To Be 20 Cents???

by - 5:06 PM

Old 50 cents on the top and new 50 cents in the middle and old 20 cents on the bottom...

Is it just me or the new 50 cents is trying to be 20 cents??? In fact the size is actually smaller than the old 20 cents!!! What are they trying to do??? It doesn't make any sense at all... First of all, why do we need new notes and coins whereas the old one serve us well??? Okay so they have made up their mind to introduce new notes and coins AGAIN but why do you make the 50 cents smaller??? I don't see the rational here... Just to refresh your memory... When the government introduce the new RM5 note made from polymer, all the autopay machine couldn't accept the new note... So why made the same mistake again by reducing the size of the new 50 cents coin??? This will cause a lot of hassle for us as those autopay machine may not be able to accept these new notes and coins!!! Now all these autopay and parking ticket machines need to be modify or worse still, a replacement need to be made!!! Not a very logical move I said... Can someone please enlighten me on this???

See this is what happen!!!

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