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Ben's General Food Store @ Publika

by - 7:00 PM

The first time I went 'Publika', I noticed a lot of people dining at this place... As I'm curious as a cat, I decided to dine at this place in my next visit to 'Publika'... Did some researched before going over so that I got a rough idea on what's good and what's not... As a conclusion, what I get from my research was just five letter words... 'PIZZA'!!! A lot of people recommended their pizzas so I guess this is a must try dish then...

Most of their offerings are indeed very mouth watering by just reading the name and description of it... Lots of things to try but we went there quite early and I can't really eat a lot in the morning so we didn't go crazy when ordering time came!!! Since we went in the morning, we decided to order their breakfast instead of our original plan which was pizza...

 Drink to your heart's content as plain water is free of charge!!!

'Le Petit Dejeuner' that came with two half boiled eggs, hash browns, bacon and sautéed mushrooms... Nothing to shout about this but the mushrooms tasted quite nice... RM12.90...

 Acceptable looking half boiled eggs... Half boiled eggs is best eaten with soy sauce instead of salt!!!

'BIG Ben's Breakfast Pizza'... Since we decided to switch to breakfast set, I still can't get pizza off my mind... Luckily they decided to add pizzas to their breakfast menu... I really like this pizza with a poached egg sitting on top of it... Flavour was really nice when mix with the egg yolk!!! RM17.90...

'Eggs Benedict Pizza'... Again beautifully poached eggs on top of the pizza... Egg yolk oozing out with a gentle poke of the fork... Nice!!! RM15.90...

Will definitely be coming back for more... Next time I think I will go there during lunch time instead... Gonna try their pizzas offering and not forgetting lasagne which is one of my favourite food!!!

Overall Rating - 3.7/5

Ben's General Food Store
Lot No.1A, 83-95, Level UG1,
Publika, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
03-6209 1700

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