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KFC Is Making The Headline Again!!!

by - 6:04 PM

Recently 'KFC Malaysia' had been plagued with lots of negativity pertaining their staffs and they are making headline for all the wrong reason... Firstly there are  a few videos showing their staffs rubbing the chicken on the sole of their shoe before putting it into the fryer... Frankly speaking these acts are totally unacceptable!!! 

But for me, this new video that went viral on the Internet is even more unacceptable... I'm not siding either party and I don't care who started it, but it is just not right to fight someone wearing your company's uniform... This is a simple work ethics and everyone should know it... If you have a problem with the other guy, that's your problem and please don't drag your employer with you... 

Thanks 'Malaysiakini' for showing us this video!!!

The victim did a press conference today and said that he did not start the provocation as a lot of people saying that he's the one who is wrong... What I can say is I find both party to be at fault... The victim might utter something at the staff as he's already in a bad mood but no matter how people scolded you, you don't simply retaliate by beating someone up especially your customers!!! Mind you, this is a serious offence... There is another person that I find at fault and should resign because of this incident... The manager!!! He/she should be aware of this incident and should act accordingly and stop this from happening!!! So please 'KFC Malaysia', do something to your staff before they ruin your reputation!!! 

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