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Underworld: Awakening

by - 6:38 PM

My favourite vampire is back with a vengeance!!! Woo hoo... I know a lot of people are disappointed with this movie but still I will watch it... Come on is not easy to get a true vampire movie nowadays plus a hot looking vampire thrown in as a bonus!!! Wait a minute, I believe I heard someone saying 'Bella' from 'Twilight'... Are you kidding me??? You call that a vampire??? Besides she's definitely not hot!!! 

Since most of my friends said that this movie is not worth watching, so I set my expectation to a standard low... But what surprised me was I kinda like the movie!!! Believe it or not, I find it rather entertaining with all the violent and gore turn a notch up from it's predecessor... And regarding the storyline, I find it much better compare to the previous one as I didn't expect it to turn out this way...

Other than the sizzling hot 'Selene', there is a newcomer with the name of 'Eve'... She's an innocent looking girl this minute and a sinister looking one the next!!! She looks so much meaner compare to 'Selene'!!! 'Bella' who is she??? I bet she weep and piss in her pants when she sees 'Eve'!!!

Overall, I'm liking this movie and watch it if you're a true 'Underworld' fan... Ignore all the others who think otherwise just like what I did... And I'm glad I watched it...  

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