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PIAA Radix Silicone Wiper

by - 4:02 PM

I've always wanted to try how good a 'PIAA' silicone wiper is... The main reason I hold my purchase till now is rather simple... If you compare 'PIAA' silicone wiper to other makes of silicone wiper, you will notice the huge price difference and this is the only thing that hold me back from buying it... 

Most cars uses two wiper but my 'FrankenBenz' only uses one!!! So basically my 'FrankenBenz' is the perfect platform for me to try out expensive wiper because I only need to buy one instead of a pair!!! I know I'm cheap and you can call me a cheapo!!! 

This is the wiper that I'm looking for but unfortunately, I couldn't get my hands on one... The design looks really nice and sleek... I got no choice but to buy those conventional looking one instead... But overall I'm really happy with the performance of the wiper... Much better compare to my previous 'Bosch' wiper... Now my windscreen always look squeaky clean and no more irritating sound emitting from the wiper!!! 

A word of caution for 'W124' users... The longest wiper you can get is a 22" and not a 24"... Looking from the chart, our 'W124' suppose to use a 24" but it is way too long for our car... A 22" fit just nice... 

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