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Mountain Biking Again

by - 5:43 PM

I've started mountain biking during my teens and this is always one of my favourite hobby... After living in 'Kuala Lumpur' for so many years, my once favourite hobby became a really faint memory of mine... The reason I stopped biking was because of companion or rather the lack of it... Besides that, it is quite hard to find a decent place to ride unless you drive your bicycle there... Unlike those days where we can just cycled from our house and met up with my gang somewhere convenient for all of us... This is something hard to achieve in 'Kuala Lumpur' mainly because of the traffic and all the stupid one way road with divider in between... 

But recently, I really have the urge to start biking again after so many years... One of the main reason is to keep fit and hopefully manage to lose some weight while doing it (I'm really getting fatter and fatter nowadays!!! In fact, I stop consuming rice two weeks and I'm dead serious to lose weight this time!!!)... Thinking of resurrecting my old but trusty 'GT Pantera'... I got the bike since I'm in Form 4 if I'm not mistaken so you have some idea how old my bike is!!!

There are a lot of changes in the world of mountain biking and the biggest I've seen so far is the braking system... Everyone gone disc nowadays... Even entry level bike came equip with disc brake system... Another trend that I notice is the bikes are so much more flashy compare to last time... Lots of anodised aluminium with different colours for your own customization... In terms of frame design, there is not much changes I guess... 

Back to my bike!!! I'm thinking of pimping it up a bit and see how it perform... I believe lots of parts are not in working condition... Last checked I noticed that the tyres were bad and I definitely need a new set... The derailleurs were still in good condition though but definitely can't compete with system nowadays... My bike is still equip with an old school 8 speed system whereas 9 speed system is the norm and there is even 10 speed system now!!! I'm not afraid of all these as these are upgradeable... My only concern is the frame... Don't feel like changing to a new bike because I have very strong sentimental value for this bike... Will see how it goes when I transport it up to 'Kuala Lumpur'... Till then...

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