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Home Cooked Steak

by - 1:42 PM

Since it was a weekend yesterday, we decided to cook for dinner... Is been a long time since we cooked a proper meal at home due to work and laziness!!! I must confess, I love to cook but I hate cleaning up later... That's the part that puts me off from cooking... 

Yesterday was the second time I tried grilling steak... The way I marinated the beef was totally different this time round... No more barbecue sauce!!! I marinated the steak using dark and light soya sauce, pepper and salt... This is a recipe I learnt watching some cooking show!!! Taste wise, it tasted a bit bland as my darling complaints about the amount of salt I put last time... So I was really careful this time but I guessed I was being way too careful!!! Besides that, I overcooked the steak... It was a tad too hard for my liking... The steak was around 80% cooked!!! But frankly speaking, I really liked the way the steak looked... The colour was really nice in my opinion...

We don't have a lot of ingredients so we make do with all the available stuff we have to our disposal... Saute some cucumber, mushroom and deep fried hash brown for side and a bowl of wild mushroom soup to compliment it...

My darling and her brother decided to have chicken instead of beef... So their chicken were marinated the same way that I like... Rosemary, pepper and salt... Also way too bland this time and I believe I overcooked it as well... Will try harder next time and not forgetting getting a timer as well!!!

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