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McD Double GCB...

by - 4:26 PM

I promised my darling to cut down on fast food and damn it was hard... Luckily she didn't insist on 'NO FAST FOOD' policy because that will surely make my life miserable!!! I know too much fast food is definitely not good for health so I'm trying my best to get a compromise here... 

In my opinion, I believe you can't categorize 'GCB' as unhealthy because of the way they cooked it... The chicken thigh is grilled and not fried and I'm sure that grilled is much better than fried!!! At least I don't feel sinful when taking a BIG bite out of it unlike 'Spicy Chicken McDeluxe'!!!  

I still remember the first time 'McD' decided to launch the 'GCB' and frankly speaking I'm not a BIG fans of it... But I know a lot of people like it very much... I guessed people tend to change because the second time they launched it, I'm really loving it!!! But not as much as my all time favourite, the 'BIG Mac' and 'Spicy Chicken McDeluxe'... The impression this time is definitely much much better... No explanation for that!!! 

I used to order large set everytime but nowadays medium will do just fine... The reason for this is not because I can't finish it... The main reason is to cut down on fries... I loved fries a lot and I know this is what makes you fat and my darling is complaining about the spare tyre that I got around my belly!!! So I got no other choice but to downsize the set... Another thing is changing normal 'Coke' to 'Coke Light/Diet Coke'... But recently I heard a lot of rumours regarding these calories free drinks... These drinks contain 'aspartame' and it is said to be harmful to human... Not sure how true is this but for the time being, I will still stick to 'Coke Light/Diet Coke' because I find normal 'Coke' way tooooooo sweet for me!!! Besides that, I'm trying to be vain as well... Keeping my belly in check!!!

A note for 'McD Malaysia'... Can you please reintroduce 'Chicken and Beef Foldover'??? I'm really craving for it!!! Besides that, my darling love it very much and it will definitely make my life easier... I hope you know what I mean!!! ;)

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