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ATF Cooler For FrankenBenz

by - 5:41 PM

Automatic transmission is different compare to manual transmission and I'm sure most of you know the difference... But the difference I'm talking about is not the way they change gear... What I'm talking about here is how they are being cooled... For manual transmission you don't really need to cool it as the temperature is not as hot as automatic transmission... The reason why we need to cool an automatic transmission is because of the torque converter... The torque converter can get really hot... So what is the usual way for cooling an automatic transmission??? Normally the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) gets routed through the radiator... 

Recently I found that my 'FrankenBenz' automatic gearbox is becoming more and more lazy to shift, up to a point that I needed to shift the gear manually!!! When I put the gear selector in 'D', my 'FrankenBenz' seems really sluggish and difficult to move... The reason for this is because the gear is stuck in 4th!!! At first I thought that there might be something wrong with my automatic transmission... So off I go asking around and most of them asked me to install a dedicated cooler for my automatic transmission... Since it is not really an expensive mod, I decided to give it a try... I bought a 'Mitsubishi EVO V' oil cooler for this mod... You don't have to waste money on dedicated ATF cooler as it is actually the same as normal oil cooler... A used oil cooler will do unless you are loaded!!! 

Initially there is some improvement but it just can't eliminate it totally... Sometimes, I still need to change gear manually, so this is definitely not the culprit... I ran out of idea and decided to sent my car to a 'Toyota 1JZ-GTE' specialist which is located in 'Labu, Seremban'... After checking, he told me that my car 'ECU' is faulty!!! At first I was a bit skeptical because when I first bought the halfcut, everything runs really fine and it is quite hard to get a faulty 'ECU' unless it comes in contact with water... And this is what actually happened!!! Blame myself because I asked my mechanic to place the 'ECU' in the same place where the old 'Merc' 'ECU' reside which is in the engine compartment... But I'm pushing some responsibilities to them as well because they are not knowledgeable enough to tell me that the new 'Toyota' 'ECU' cannot be put in the same place as water will ruin it!!! 

After spending those unnecessary money and got my 'ECU' changed, problem solved at last!!! It seems like a lot of those so call mechanic are not really knowledgeable because I bump into someone using 'Merc W124' as well as transplanting the same engine as mine and guess what, he's having problem with his automatic transmission as well!!! His problem is even more severe compare to mine... Stuck in 1st gear all the way!!!

To be continue... 

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