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by - 5:03 PM

At first I didn't even realize about this movie because there is no trailer or advertisement... So obviously no second glance from me even though I know that it is screening in the cinema... So what change my mind to watch it??? Just look at the cast and you know why... Very strong cast I must say... I guess you can't go wrong with lots of BIG names staring in a particular movie...

'Contagion' is a very real life like kind of movie... It talks about epidermic disease and how to identify and act accordingly in order to stop it from spreading... If you expect this movie to have all the thrill and spill, I'm sorry to say that this movie is not your cup of tea... The way they film makes this movie more like a documentary rather than a movie and this is not a bad thing... This movie shows how an epidermic disease spread and causes fear among human and how we react to it... It shows the true faces of human being... Some sacrifice their lives in order to save while some will lie and profit from it!!! Epidermic comes and go but it is indeed a very terrifying thing... No doubt about that... Countless human will suffer and die because of it... Just think about 'SARS' and 'H1N1' and you know what this movie is all about...

For me, this is a very good movie because it show us all the good side and even bad side of human being... The length we go in order to survive is just astonishing!!! Thumbs up from me but I'm very sure some of you will find it rather boring...

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