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Home Alone...

by - 5:37 PM

I'm very sure everyone will encounter this before in their life time... The only difference is some might need to endure it everyday while some might just endure it for a few days... Actually I don't think is appropriate to use the word endure as I know some of you out there actually prefers to be left alone... I don't know what you're thinking but I'm definitely not one of you...

In this aspect, I'm really bless I guess because my darling have been my companion for such a long time that I felt a bit uneasy when she left me alone for two days where she went 'Singapore and Bintan' celebrating hen night for a lovely bride to be... And to make matter worse, her little brother which is staying with us went back to hometown that particular weekend... This is really home alone for me I guess...

But fret not as these two days, I have my best buddies with me... One of it's name is 'Internet' and the other one is 'Astro'... If you ask me which is better in terms of accompanying me, I can't give you a definite answer but I can tell you that they are both inseparable... When you are bored of surfing the net then find a program that you like on 'Astro' and watch it... But after half a day, I will advise you to revert back to surfing the net as 'Astro' decided to repeat the program over and over again!!! And this is the time that the 'Internet' outshine 'Astro' where it don't repeat itself... But after surfing for a while, you ran out of idea on what to surf!!!

And I believe the time is right for me to introduce my third buddy... I call it the 'Bed'... Believe me, after you are bored with those two, the third buddy is the BEST if you ask me... After a good night sleep, repeat the damn process again the very next day!!! This was how I spent my two days home alone!!!

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