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What Is The Scariest Colour And Word???

by - 9:31 PM

What do you think is the scariest 'COLOUR' and 'WORD'??? It seems like in Malaysia, a lot of people are getting paranoid and scare about the colour 'YELLOW' and the word 'BERSIH'... Frankly speaking I can't think of any bloody reason for these people to be afraid of... Unless there is something going on behind close doors!!! If not, it just doesn't makes sense at all...

If you ask me, I think that 'RED' is much more scarier than 'YELLOW'... Normally people associate blood with 'RED' and normal people like me don't like blood... But this is not the case in Malaysia because I find some people like the colour 'RED' and also blood in terms of bloodshed!!! They embrace 'RED'!!!

As for 'YELLOW', I find it rather pleasing to my eyes... 'YELLOW' are suppose to be jolly don't you think??? But seems like it is really hard for us to see this colour very soon!!! Poor 'DIGI'... I don't know how you are going to survive!!!

So what about the word 'BERSIH'... No problem if you ask me... When I was a kid teacher used to teach us to be 'BERSIH'... I wonder how our teachers are going to teach our younger generation now... Maybe they start to talk like this... "Ali, remember to 'TAK KOTOR'kan your hand after eating!!! In order for you to grow big and strong, you must remember to 'TAK KOTOR'kan yourself, understand"??? I really can't imagine IF this really happen!!!

If you ask me, no colour or word is scary... It is HUMAN that is the scariest of all!!!

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