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Transformer - Dark Of The Moon

by - 9:40 PM

Finally I managed to get myself a ticket for what seems to be a blockbuster movie of the year, 'Transformer - Dark of The Moon'... I've always been a BIG fans of 'Transformer' since I'm a little kid... What's not to like about 'Transformer'??? Err I can't find any for the time being... They are BIG and they transform!!! If you want something cooler than that, I guess you need a 'Slurpee'!!!

I guess I don't have to talk about the CGI cause I'm very sure that most of you know that it will be awesome... No doubt about that the CGI is indeed awesome... So what about the storyline... If you ask me, I find it a bit messy... But I really like the twist where 'Sentinel' is not what it seems to be... But other than that, is just the normal stuff just like the previous two movies... 'Autobots' protecting earth whereas 'Decepticons' out to destroy it... Same old story I'm afraid... But the CGI alone is worth the money so I will still recommend this movie I guess...

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