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Problems & Headache!!!

by - 3:11 PM

I'm having headache for these pass few weeks all thanks to our beloved cars... 'FrankenBenz' and 'Puggy' are giving me lots of problems recently... First was 'Puggy' which decided to have a flat battery again... After that, 'FrankenBenz' decided to throw tantrums and causes lots of headache for me... Temperature and gearbox are the main problem... And yesterday, 'Puggy' decided to throw something BIG at me... I was driving the car and suddenly I felt that the car lost a lot of power and simultaneously an error code came out... 'Depollution System Failure'... WTF was that??? So we decided to stop the car and took out the service manual and started searching for the error code... But we can't find anything and I decided to call 'Peugeot Service Care Line' and they told us that we should send the car in for a computerize diagnosis... So we got no choice but to send it in today... Seems like the turbine solenoid valve was the culprit... No wonder the car lost a lot of power... Now we are still waiting for the parts and it will only be available in a few days time so we got no choice but to drive the car in limp mode... As for 'FrankenBenz', overheating and gearbox problems still exist... Still can't determine the exact culprit for the time being!!! Problems, problems, problems!!!

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