on Jun 1, 2011

WOW was the first reaction that I've got when I saw the movie preview for the very first time... Looking at the name of this movie, make it a double WOW for me... I like movies involving exorcism and vampire... So 'Priest' will definitely fit in my 'MUST WATCH' list for this year...

But after the movie, I started to curse myself... Why waste money on this shitty movie!!! Not even 'Maggie Q' can saved this movie as it was a disaster!!! So so storyline plus not so visual appealing CGI... What more can you ask for from a BAD movie??? 'Priest' tick all the right boxes so in my humble opinion, definitely not worth watching... Save you time and money from it!!!


reanaclaire said...

Hello Dave, hope you can drop me an email.. would like to discuss about some movie offers..thanks!