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Restoran Loong Yuan Seafood Revisited

by - 3:37 PM

Celebrated Mother's Day with the in law at this restaurant... This was one of their favourite restaurant for crab... But too bad, the crab were all sold out when we reached there... My sister in law was craving for fried calamari and we decided to order and frankly speaking, it was really good...

Nowadays there's been a crazed in 'Batu Pahat' regarding this vegetable... I don't really know what vegetable it was... According to all the restaurant, these vegetables were organically grown... As for the taste, nothing special I'm afraid but the price was something of an eye opener... This very plate of vegetable cost RM48!!!

All the dishes were nice... Nothing to complaint about... The only thing that I don't really like about this restaurant was they always trying to recommend the most expensive food around... Already told them we wanted something more normal and yet they continued to recommend those really expensive fish and etc which was a BIG no no for me...

Overall Rating - 3.6/5

Restoran Loong Yuan Seafood
No. 35, Jalan Kuning,
Taman Murni,
83000 Batu Pahat,
07-431 3963

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