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FrankenBenz Heart Transplant

by - 4:47 PM

The halfcut that I bought reached the workshop as promise... The workshop guys wasted no time and started to dismantle the engine from the halfcut... And here's the engine in its full glory... The 'Toyota 1JZ-GTE' was regarded as one of the most potent engine in 'Toyota' arsenal right after the '2JZ-GTE'... So I'm pretty happy with my purchase!!!

Everything's in a mess!!!

Stock 'Toyota 1JZ-GTE' auto ECU... Not going to upgrade it at the moment... If yes, most probably will install a piggyback ECU rather than a full blown standalone... I'm not targeting BIG horsepower here... Just some added power will do... Not going overboard with the car as I still need to chauffeur my clients around sometimes...

One of the CT12A turbine... This engine utilizes two of these turbine...

To be continue...

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