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The Lost Bladesman

by - 4:30 PM

Wow another 'Donnie Yen' movie!!! Seems like he's really famous nowadays!!! You can see him starring in almost all new movies... Ok I might exaggerate a little bit... Since I'm his fans, any movie starring him will see me flocking to the cinema!!! Obviously I have really high expectation on his latest movie because almost all movie starring 'Donnie Yen' were awesome...

But I'm wrong this time... I really love story involving 'The Three Kingdom' but don't why I just don't like this one... In fact I'm really confuse about the storyline... I don't quite understand what are they trying to portray here... After watching the movie, I got a lot of ??? flying all over my head... But the action is still awesome though as always... Seems like not all 'Donnie Yen' movies are nice... So now, can anyone be kind enough to explain the movie storyline to me???

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