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Mother's Day Celebration @ Pine Tree Hotel, Batu Pahat

by - 8:50 PM

Another late write up as usual!!! This year we tried something different... My mum decided to try out one of the newest hotel in 'Batu Pahat'... 'Pine Tree Hotel' is the name... In my opinion, it was also one of the coolest hotel in my hometown... I really like their interior design... Minimalist and modern... The room was awesome too...

I'm really in love with my new 50mm lens!!!

Nice leg huh!!!

The designer did a really good job!!! Just love the reception area... 'Pine Tree Hotel' is not the most standard hotel around but definitely the coolest...

Although this is one of the coolest hotel in 'Batu Pahat', but this can't be said for their food or services!!! Foods are still acceptable but the service........... haiz, really hopeless in my opinion...

'South African Ostrich' according to them... Ostrich meat is suppose to be tender but theirs is rock hard!!! And please observe the sauce being serve...

'Grilled Salmon'...

'Tom Yam'...

'Chicken Chop'...

'Australian Beef'... Hard and over cook!!! So did you notice something similar with all these dishes except the 'Tom Yam'??? They served all the dishes with the same sauce... BBQ sauce for all!!! I love BBQ sauce but according to the menu, the 'Chicken Chop' and 'Ostrich' can be serve with either black pepper or mushroom sauce... So why BBQ sauce??? BBQ sauce is not even in the menu!!!


Very nice design and environment but spoil by the food and services offered but the rooms look superb though... Recommended for staying overnight but not for their food!!!

Overall Rating - 2/5

Pine Tree Hotel
36, Jalan Mengkudu,
83000 Batu Pahat,
07-431 9933

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