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Peugeot 308 Turbo On Tow Truck Again!!!

by - 11:10 PM

Not again!!! Another battery problem it seems... The first time it happened when the car clock around 20,000++ km... Now the car mileage is around 60,000++ km and the battery is having problem again... This is the first time in my motoring life that I've encounter something like this... All my previous car have not been tow before... Not even once... But the 'Peugeot 308 Turbo' has been tow twice... Please I don't wish for a hat trick!!!
I'm really confuse to why can't the battery last a little bit longer??? I ask the technician from 'Peugeot' and they told me that the car have a lot of electronics, so obviously it consume a lot of battery... A modern 'BMW' or 'Mercedes Benz' have a lot of electronics too... But why their battery can last much longer compare to the 'Peugeot'??? My previous car battery last a staggering three years while the 'Peugeot' one last less than a year!!! We own the car for one year plus and this is the third batteries including the one that came with the car...
Those of you who drive the same car, please make sure that you ask the service advisor to get your battery check before your car reaches one year old because the warranty coverage for battery is only one year according to 'Peugeot'... I'm keeping my finger cross and hopefully this new battery can last at least a year!!!
p.s. Although I'm really frustrated with it, I'm still very much in love with our 'Pug'!!!

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