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The Power Of F1.4!!!

by - 5:46 PM

Since I got nothing to do, I decided to test my latest lens which is the 'Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM'... All these shots were taken wide open at F1.4... Man I'm in love with it the moment I saw the pics... Very nice bokeh if you ask me... Smooth and velvety and not forgetting pin sharp where I focus on!!!

I'm a sucker for bokeh so I guess I made the right choice for getting this lens... The only downside that I find with this lens is the minimum focus distance which is a bit longer compare to my old 'Sony' 50mm... Guess I have to live with it...

What I need to do now is to get use to the DOF which is very shallow and mis-focus is quite common if shoot af F1.4!!! Guess I need to practice more now...

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