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Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides

by - 10:53 PM

I don't really know whether can I be consider as a fan of 'Pirates of The Caribbean' movies franchise... The reason for this is because I love the first installment... But I skip the second and the third installment... I can't remember the reason for that but I didn't watch both movies and I know 'Pirates of The Caribbean' franchise can be considered as one of the most successful around... Kinda weird huh for a movie freak like me!!!

But this doesn't stop me from watching the latest installment, 'On Stranger Tides'... So how's the movie??? I would rate it as a 'B+' or maybe a double plus... Definitely not in the 'A' category I'm afraid... The storyline is very predictable and very typical for a movie involving pirates... You can't run away from adventure and of course some mythical creatures... Mermaids to be precise... Besides 'Captain Jack Sparrow', mermaids are my favourite character in this movie (Just look at the movie poster that I posted!!!)... I don't have to explain why I love them because the answer is really simple... They are gorgeous with their lovely legs err I mean flippers and not forgetting their naked body!!! Ok I know I'm 'hamsap' but you can't blame me cause I'm straight... Ask any straight men and I can guarantee their answer will be the same as mine unless they are a BIG liar and a bloody hypocrite!!!

What about the other movie stars??? I don't care who they cast for the characters but 'Johnny Depp' must be a part of it... In my opinion, it is him alone who make the movie enjoyable... If they decided to take out 'Orlando Bloom' or 'Keira Knightly' or some other people I'm fine with it... As long as 'Johnny Depp' is in the movie, you can't go wrong with it...

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