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by - 9:53 PM

I'm very sure this Is one of the must watch movie for a lot of people including yours truly... There is no denying that this type of movie will attract a lot of attention from movie goers... Who don't like super heroes??? I'm sure that a lot of you out there like super heroes like I do especially this is no ordinary super hero... If you compare 'Thor' with other super heroes, you will find that 'Thor' stick out like a sore thumb... 'Batman' got his super hero power because of money and all the gadgetry that no one else have just like 'Ironman'!!! 'Spiderman' got his power when he was bitten by a spider and 'Hulk' got his incredible power because of gamma ray!!! But they all got something in common... All of them are humans!!! So now you know why 'Thor' is special!!! He's special because he's not human!!! If I got my facts right, 'Thor' is the only non human super heroes in the 'Marvel' arsenal...

Back to the point now... Is the movie good??? Hell yeah!!! I like it very much because this is a super heroes movie and nobody, I mean nobody dislike super heroes movies!!! The movie is funny and one of my favourite actress is in it... What's not to dislike??? Errr in fact I did find something that I don't quite like... I find the movie to be a bit too short because nearing the end it seems like they are trying to catch a plane or something... Everything is in fast forward... But thats just me... Definitely worth watching and please don't leave the cinema when the movie is over... Wait till the very end and you will be surprise what is waiting for you!!! A snippet of 'The Avengers' is waiting for you!!!

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