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iPad/iPad 2 As Blogging Tools???

by - 4:16 PM

Without realizing, blogging is already part of my life... So when I got my 'iPad 2', one of the things that I tried was blogging... But to my utter horror I can't seems to blog using it!!! This really drives me nuts as I'm trying to replace my netbook with the 'iPad 2'... I know there are a lot of limitation with 'Apple iPad/iPad 2', but I didn't expect something so simple can't be achieve!!!

So I set out to search for an answer... What can I do to turn my 'iPad 2' into a blogging tool... After searching around, I find that most people recommends 'Blogsy'... Since I'm really desperate I decided to purchase the apps and try it out... The apps cost USD2.99 which I find it quite reasonable if it really delivers... Truth to be told, I just downloaded it a couple of minutes ago... And this blog post is written entire using 'Blogsy'!!! I guess this is one of the best apps that I have purchase because it really change my iPad 2 into something else!!!

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