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by - 7:38 PM

Guess I'm right that the guy that helped me out yesterday was a cheater!!! I tried calling him this morning and afternoon and guessed what, he's not answering my call!!! Nothing to be shocked about as this was what I'm expecting... Don't get me wrong because I'm not asking him to bank in the money... The moment I gave him the money, I knew that I'm not getting it back (I paid him more than he should get!!!)... I'm just trying to prove that good people are hard to come by!!! And I got the answer... But luckily, he didn't do anything to me... The only thing that I'm worried about was whether he's a real police or not... If he's genuine then there would be no more problems but if he's really an impersonator, then we really need to becareful as this was a really serious problem!!! Is it really that easy to get cuff and walkie talkie which connects to the police channel??? I know the uniform is the easy part, but those things that I mention earlier are quite hard to get I guess... Just something to share so that next time any of you who encounter something like me can know that it is not safe to simply trust those that offer to help... If is possible, just wait for those 'PLUS' guys or get your own mechanic!!!

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