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FrankenBenz Original Brake Kit

by - 7:42 PM

Since I'm putting in a more powerful engine, the front stock brake is definitely not enough to stop the car... Although I have seen some Benz with 2JZ-GTE using stock standard brake, I'm not going to take the same route as them because I believe this is really dangerous... The standard item can stop the car but how long will it take to stop and how many times can it take the abuse of repeated high speed stop??? As you can see, the standard brake is from 'Girling' and it is a one piston caliper design... Although this is a large piston design, but I still think that it is inadequate for my new engine... Better be safe than sorry!!!

As for the rear, I'm going to use it back because this is a large two piston design which I believe is more than enough for my application... The standard rear brake kit is from 'Ate'... Hmmm why are they using a 'Girling' front brake kit and a rear 'Ate' brake kit??? But this is no longer a problem for me... I guess I'm really fortunate because I manage to find a good condition front four piston caliper from 'Ate' which is really hard to find in Malaysia!!! So now I have a complete 'Ate' brake kit for my car!!!

To be continue...

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