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Popeyes Carnival Chicken

by - 8:16 PM

'Popeyes' released this new menu called the 'Carnival Chicken' in conjunction of 'Mardi Gras'... I know it had been released for quite some times now but I don't really have the chance to try it out until very recently... Well what I can say is I'm actually very disappointed with it by just looking at it!!! It looks really awful!!! From the looks of it, I perceive that the chicken is some leftover from yesterday!!! It looks overcook and not to mention dry...

Ok I admit that the phrase is correct... 'Never judge a book by its cover' because although the chicken looks dry, in fact it is not... The chicken is tender and very juicy inside... But about the taste, I believe I'm spot on... The chicken tasted really ordinary which you can get it in any mamak stall!!! Besides that, I don't think is worth it because for the price of this, I can get myself a three piece chicken plus a coleslaw (not forgetting 'SATISFACTION GUARANTEE' which obviously you can't get from the 'Carnival Chicken').. My advise is to stay as far away from it as you can... Better stick to the usual fried chickens of theirs which receive two thumbs up from me... As for this 'Carnival Chicken', I wish I have two more thumbs because I really wanted to give it a FOUR thumbs down if I can!!! Please stay away from it!!!

Overall Rating - 1.5/5

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