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Ate Front 4 Piston Brake Caliper + Disc

by - 7:06 PM

This is the 'Ate' four piston caliper that I'm talking about in my previous blog post... I really like the clean design... If you compare it to those 'Brembo' found on 'Evo' and 'STi', this caliper is a bit smaller in design but according to some expert, it is said that the stopping power is equivalent or almost similar to those 'Brembo'!!!

If you are planning to upgrade your W124 brake, try to get yourself one of these because you don't have to mod a single thing... Just plug and play... Hassle free!!!

The only thing that I change is those two pins holding the brake pad as it is already rusty!!! I even use back the brake pad!!!

Just look at the size of the disc!!! It is slightly bigger than my shoe... But mind you I have small feet... But still the disc is huge!!! Before fitting this to my car, I encounter yet another problem... Now my rims are too small for them!!! The standard 15" rims just can't fit those caliper and disc!!! But fret not because I'm going to change to a set of bigger rims... 18" to be precise!!!

To be continue

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