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FrankenBenz Steering Wheel

by - 8:28 PM

This was the original steering wheel that came together with the 'Benz'... Well as you can see from the pic, it is kinda HUGE!!! Frankly speaking, I feel like driving a lorry when I grip on this steering wheel...

And this is the steering wheel that I have grip for almost a decade!!! I know it looks kinda odd in a 'Benz'... I got no choice but to use it because I don't want to drive a lorry around anymore... The original steering wheel is driving me mad!!! But not to worry because I just got myself a new steering wheel which I've been searching high and low for it!!! Will update on it later...

Another thing that drives me mad is the bosskit... In order to fix an aftermarket steering wheel, you need to find a correct bosskit for your car before fixing the steering wheel... If not, there is no way for you to fix that aftermarket steering wheel of yours... I've been searching everywhere ranging from chopshop to car accessory shop for the bosskit and finally, I manage to find one!!!

To be continue...

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