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Black Swan

by - 8:59 PM

A movie about ballerina??? Nah I'm not interested!!! I'm not into dancing so obviously ballet is not my cup of tea as well... But after 'Natalie Portman' bag herself a 'Best Actress' from the 'Oscar', it change my mind a little... Besides that, I like 'Natalie Portman' as well... So I made up my mind and decided to watch this movie...

After finishing watching, OMG is the correct word to describe it... It is fantastic!!! The movie itself is awesome but in my opinion, 'Natalie Portman' is even more awesome... She really brings out the character in this movie... As I don't really like movies with straight forward storyline, 'Black Swan' is something that I really need as I've been watching movies that doesn't require any of my brain muscle this year... This is a really good movie and I highly recommend it and please don't watch it when you feel sleepy as you might not understand the movie at all!!!

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