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by - 4:21 PM

'Shaolin' which is very famous for their 'kung fu' is well known over the world... Whenever you talk to someone about 'kung fu' I'm very sure the word 'Shaolin' will be spoken of... Until recently, almost everyone is talking about 'Wing Chun' which was brought famous by 'Ip Man' played by 'Donnie Yen' and suddenly the ancient 'kung fu' master from the 'Shaolin' temple were almost history!!! Almost... Yeah...

After watching 'Shaolin', I come to a conclusion that you can't really compare 'Shaolin' and 'Ip Man' because it would be like comparing apples to oranges... These two movies are totally different... 'Shaolin' is all about compassion, repent and helping others... There are a few scenes which I find it really touching and I was forced to control myself from shedding my precious tears due to my over-manly ego!!! I went with my darling's lil sis and she can't control her emotion!!! I guess this is very normal because this movie is really damn touching!!! And this is the first time ever in my whole life that I felt this way!!!

My suggestion is go watch this movie while you can because it is well worth your hard earn $$$... Nuff said...

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