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Season Of The Witch

by - 12:04 PM

Errr, I don't really get it... Can somebody enlighten me please??? 'Season Of The Witch'??? Is it me or there is something wrong with the title??? Throughout the whole movie, I did not see a goddamn witch!!! Accused witch, yes but real witch, nop... I believe the director/producer or whoever it is are playing tricks with us... Or maybe they play too much game like 'Spot The Difference'??? Hmmm this is rather interesting because I can't spot a single witch in this film but I manage to spot 'The Devil' instead...

In fact, this movie is not about witches which I'm misleaded to believe... Maybe I'm too stupid to realize... I think is better for them to change the title of the movie... Something like 'Season Of The Devil' or 'The Exorcism' or maybe 'Season Of The Exorcism' because this whole movie is indeed about 'EXORCISM'!!! The movie plot is simple... Bring the so call witch (which is a devil in disguise) to the monk so that she can be trail whether she's guilty of being a witch or not... Obviously, the journey is not as smooth as plan because of the devil which has the power to create havoc out of everything...

Not a bad movie I must say... Besides the funny looking devil, I rather enjoy this movie... Something like a shorten 'Lord Of The Ring' + 'The Exorcist'... If you manage to bring these two movies together, then you are not that far away from understanding the plot...

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