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New Shoes For The 308 Turbo

by - 8:30 PM

I'm those who likes to try new things... So this applies to car tyres as well... I must admit that the tyres that came with the '308 Turbo' is just plain awesome (this is the first time that I decided not to change to other brand when I'm changing new tyres for my car...) The 'Continental Sport Contact 3' is so good that even 'Porsche' is using it for its car... So do you think that it is an overkill to use it on the '308 Turbo' with it's puny little engine??? Frankly speaking, I don't think so...

But there is one major problem with this tyres... It is so goddamn freaking expensive!!! (so I'm force to change to another brand!!!) Do you know how much does it cost for a 'Continental Sport Contact 3' with the tyre size of 225/45 R17??? A mind boggling RM8xx plus plus!!!

So here comes the savior... 'Bridgestone Potenza RE001 Adrenalin'... I heard a lot of good reviews regarding this tyres and the price is much more affordable compare to the 'Continental Sport Contact 3'... So automatically this is the obvious choice... Actually I'm thinking between this tyres and the 'Yokohama Advan Neovo AD08' but too bad they don't have stock for the 'Yokohama'... In fact, I like the tyre thread on the 'Bridgestone more than the 'Continental'... It looks much more aggressive to me... Looks like a proper sports tyre unlike the 'Continental' that looks so docile... Will update on the tyre once I crank up some miles with it and by the way this tyre cost me RM5xx plus plus for a piece, which is still very expensive to me!!!

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