on Feb 25, 2011
Every year, we will have our customary 'lou sang' dinner... If i'm not mistaken, we have been 'lou sang' ing for more than 10 years!!! And there is no exception for this year as well...

Frankly speaking I don't quite fancy the taste of 'lou sang'... In fact I think it tasted horrible!!!

This is the only ingredient that I eat!!! Only this and nothing else...

Another cam-whoring session...

Phewwit!!! I mean the 'leng lui'!!!

The 'Chai Shen Yea' looks so fierce!!!

Fail to get a decent shot of her!!!

on Feb 22, 2011

I have a really hard time trying to convince myself not to watch this movie!!! Why??? The reason is very simple... Because I HATE 'Jay Chou'!!! As simple as that... Although I hated him, I must really bow down and respect him because he got the guts or balls in another word... Why do I say so??? Because he just can't act!!! He sucks at acting... BIG time!!! I believe my grandmother can act better than him... So I must really 'kow tow' to him because he got the courage to even think about it!!!

So I decided to give him another chance and off I went watching this movie and I left disappointed again... He still sucks at acting... Another thing that I hate about him is arrogant... He's just too arrogant... In fact I used to like him a lot because I find his music quite entertaining... But after watching his first movie, the impression drop a bit... What really causes me to hate him is after watching him hosting his own entertainment show... He is just too arrogant!!!

Oops I think I must stop here because I just can't control myself!!! The movie is really not that bad but because of HIM I can't give a good review on it... So sorry guys... Call me bias if you want but I just can't help myself... Keep up the good work 'Seth' and 'Cameron'!!!
on Feb 18, 2011
Some simple decoration to spice up the mood!!!

on Feb 16, 2011

Reunion dinner over at the in-laws... I'm really bless with two wonderful families... I don't have any headache on which reunion lunch/dinner to attend because one is in the afternoon and the other is at night... Peace of mind!!!
on Feb 14, 2011

That's all for this year 'reunion lunch'... Stay tune for 'reunion dinner' over at the in-laws!!!

Cam-whoring time!!!