The Green Hornet

on Feb 22, 2011

I have a really hard time trying to convince myself not to watch this movie!!! Why??? The reason is very simple... Because I HATE 'Jay Chou'!!! As simple as that... Although I hated him, I must really bow down and respect him because he got the guts or balls in another word... Why do I say so??? Because he just can't act!!! He sucks at acting... BIG time!!! I believe my grandmother can act better than him... So I must really 'kow tow' to him because he got the courage to even think about it!!!

So I decided to give him another chance and off I went watching this movie and I left disappointed again... He still sucks at acting... Another thing that I hate about him is arrogant... He's just too arrogant... In fact I used to like him a lot because I find his music quite entertaining... But after watching his first movie, the impression drop a bit... What really causes me to hate him is after watching him hosting his own entertainment show... He is just too arrogant!!!

Oops I think I must stop here because I just can't control myself!!! The movie is really not that bad but because of HIM I can't give a good review on it... So sorry guys... Call me bias if you want but I just can't help myself... Keep up the good work 'Seth' and 'Cameron'!!!


-celestial- said...

Oh wow~!! I am a big fan of Jay Chou but his music, not his acting career. Frankly, I also think that it is much better for him just to stick doing his most talent part, music instead of acting.

Well, I didn't watched this movie after heard several feedbacks that it was not as good as expected so I didn't want to spoil his image in my heart....lolz~

Dave said...

you should have watch it so that you know how 'teruk' he is in acting!!!

come together we 'ANTI-JAY CHOU'!!!

-celestial- said...

Lolz..but I still love him~!!! He looks so good when playing piano...~

Dave said...

speechless... he's just to arrogant for me to take him seriously!!! lots of other talented people for me to admire!!!

-celestial- said...

Come on, he has his own personality what...~ Hmmm mayb a bit snobbish. Hehe.