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Stormtrooper Terrorizing The Golden Triangle

by - 10:18 PM

Yesterday decided to check out 'Uniqlo' in 'Fahrenheit 88'... Upon reaching 'The Golden Triangle', I noticed something different... Oh my... Where the hell did that came from??? The giant cube looks like a prop from the set of 'Star Wars'!!! But apparently it was not...

Actually I think the sole purpose of the giant cube is for advertising purposes because there are four giant screens showing 'Xiao Pang' the magnificent from Taiwan... In fact you can hear his lovely voice around 'The Golden Triangle'... Hmm notice something disturbing??? 'Ryan Giggs' is actually laughing at 'Xiao Pang'!!!

The cube is not the only thing I noticed yesterday... 'Stormtroopers' were there terrorizing the locals!!! They dance and pose for the locals!!! Not quite terrifying I guess...

See they are totally harmless!!!


Manage to capture this heart warming pic!!! The 'stormtrooper' decided to cheer up the kid by pushing him around!!! Way to go 'stormtrooper'... I told you they are harmless... :)

Actually 'YES' is the one responsible for bringing us the 'stormtroopers'... A big thumbs up for them and what a way to create awareness!!!

Back to the sole purpose of my visit to 'The Golden Triangle' yesterday - 'Uniqlo'!!! Frankly speaking I really don't understand what is all the hype about??? Definitely OVERRATED!!! The clothes are neither pretty nor good in quality... Till now I'm still scratching my head finding an answer to all the queuing and news headline!!! I just don't get it... Someone enlighten me please...

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