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Farewell & Goodbye

by - 9:30 PM

The moment I parted with her, I definitely felt sad... Although we had not been together for a very long time but she definitely did what she needed to do... Which was to 'ENTERTAIN' me!!! Before I parted with her, we did something so 'shiok' and awesome that I'm lost for words!!! No word seems able to describe the feeling!!!

During those 3 years that I had her, we went through some high and lows but never once she decided to let me down... Guess she's really grateful that I treated her so well... She's always well fed and whenever I sensed that she's not feeling well, I will always bring her to the doc... I believe that's what we call 'gratitude'!!!

So goodbye my beloved 'Gen2 MME'... I know you already found yourself a new owner but I still wish you all the best and hopefully your new owner will treat you as good or better than I did...

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