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Goodbye My Lovely Concubine A300 And I Welcome You... My NEW Concubine A700!!!

by - 10:50 PM

Those that know me well will know that I treat my camera as my concubine... Everyday 'sayang' and caress them!!! Well my lovely A300 concubine is well.. attractive of course but it just can't compete with my NEW (I bought it secondhand but I still treat her as NEW) concubine... The super duper lovely and curvaceous A700!!!

My old concubine... The still lovely A300

Why A700??? I'm very sure a lot of people will ask... Why not A550??? Indeed the A550 is a great camera with incredible high ISO capabilities and in-camera HDR process and not forgetting the 7fps ability... But to me, it doesn't seems like an upgrade... The body feels just like my A300... Plastic build and no weather seal... It just doesn't feel right when I'm holding it...

My new concubine!!! The A700!!!

The A700 is quite old already I must admit... In fact the A700 has been discontinued (The reason I need to get it secondhand because it is almost impossible to get it new now)... I know the ISO capability is not as good as the A550... It also don't have in-camera HDR process and the 'frame per second' is also slower... But the A700 has an aluminium internal chassis which the A550 don't have... Magnesium alloy top and front body which is dust and splash proof!!! Not forgetting all the buttons splatter all over the body making this a really user friendly camera... Ok that's all for now... I'm gonna go caress my new concubine now... 'TAK BOLEH TAHAN' already!!!

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