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Restaurant Pomander @ SS15 Subang

by - 5:51 PM

Pork Noodles aka 'Chu Yok Fan' in Cantonese is one of my favourite dish... Before I came to KL, I don't know anything about 'chu yok fan' because it is not available in my hometown... Once tried and I'm hook for life I guess... So normally where do I go for 'chu yok fan'??? Subang SS15 of course... In my opinion, this restaurant serves one of the BEST 'chu yok fan' in KL/PJ area... If you are new to this place, there are some warning that I like to give...

1. If you don't have patient, this place is NOT for you... (Very very difficult to find parking and the boss is really slow in cooking... Normal waiting time around 20-30 minutes... Extreme waiting time around 1 hour ++!!!)

2. If you don't fancy salty food, this place is NOT for you... (The soup is a bit salty... Saltier if you opt for 'min sin'/'mian sian'/'vermicelli' <---- Hope I got it right)

3. If you don't like oily food, this place is NOT for you... (The soup is really oily!!! But if you like 'chu yok cha' aka deep fried lard, then you will be in heaven!!!)

So to summarize it for you, if you don't have patient and like to eat healthy food... STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!! If not, I'm sure you will CURSE the place and the boss!!! I'm not kidding...

You know why we order a place of chicken and roast meat + 'char siew'??? Because both me and my darling are way tooooo hungry!!! That day, we waited for more than 1 hour before the 'chu yok fan' were place in front of us... (I guess I've inherited my mum's good patient gene!!!)

The roast chicken and 'char siew' is really good... But the roast meat is only so-so because of the pork smell!!! I can't stand the smell although I like pork a lot...

Finally, after more than 1 hour of waiting!!!

I always choose 'min sin' over the others type of noodles... I think 'chu yok fan' and 'min sin' are the perfect match... Unless they run out of 'min sin'... If not there is NO way that I will change to other types of noodles...

Some might say that the 'chu yok fan' is a bit expensive... RM5.70 for a big one... But I disagree because of the amount of ingredients inside... There are lots of ingredients... But some might not fancy all the ingredients because besides pork, they also throws in pig's liver and intestines as well... Well this is not a problem for me because I just wallop whatever is inside the bowl!!!

Overall Rating - 4/5

Restaurant Pomander
No. 78, Jalan SS15/4B,
Subang Jaya.

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