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The Storm Warriors aka 'Fung Wan II'

by - 10:58 PM

Exactly 11 years ago, 'The Storm Riders' was born... This is a really very special movie for me and my darling... The reason for this is because 'The Storm Riders' is our FIRST ever movie since we began 'pak toh'!!! So automatically, the sequel is definitely a MUST watch for both of us...

Ok back to the movie... I've heard a lot of BAD reviews about this movie... But surprisingly I like the way they shoot and I find the colour of the movie really interesting... Besides that, the CGI is definitely one of the best from Hong Kong!!! The graphic is really stunning from my point of view... A good round of applause for the CGI team!!!

As for the storyline, I'm sorry to say that it really sucks!!! Nothing special on the storyline so I was a bit disappointed on this... I was actually hoping for more complicated storyline but what do you expect from a 'wu xia' movie!!! Nonetheless I find it quite enjoyable but my darling think otherwise...

Recommended for CGI freaks but to those that find 'wu xia' movie ridiculous with all the swords flying here and there, I'm sorry that you have to look elsewhere because there are nothing special other than the CGI and the way they film it!!!

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